#bloggershangout at Sweets Mile End

Who doesn’t love desserts? We sure do! There’s plenty halal dessert places around London- we think we hit a gem at last weeks #bloggershangout by our MFL Team.

The place itself was picture perfect

Food of course, even more amazing:

Alto Shake: “the Shard”
One of the waffles
Delicious strawberry and tropical mocktails
One of the cookie doughs
Spot the Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake and the other Alto Shake: “the torch”
A feast for the eyes

Lets have a look at some of the bloggers who joined in the dessert fun. Don’t forget to check them out on instagram.



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The Red Phonebooth Office

romyHi guys! Recently our very own Romy Ahmed (@romy_ahmed) went exploring offices in London.
Check out these cute ones!
We, at Modest Fashion London absolutely love these phone booths, so much so its in our logo 😍.
Thank you zoomin.tv for the collaboration.
Check out the video below: