Aatiya London Launch Party

Aatiya London is a modest fashion clothing line launched on 28/08/2016

Aatiya London #womenofcultures campaign for modest wear, Despite muslim women coming from different cultures and religious traditions, muslim women  share 1 things in common when it comes to clothing “modesty”

we were really excited to work with this new brand, this was our first launch party and here are some pictures that were taken by Sharm photographer and traveler.


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Aatiya London Design Project with BubbleGumHijab

Our marketing team came up with this design concept for Aatiya London to collaborate with bubblegumhijab a London based bloggers.

this was a great opportunity for both Aatiya London and bubblegumhijab to collaborate with each other and learn from each other, we would love to work with other UK and Europe based bloggers and give them an opportunity to design for brands if you are interested please e-mail us on: info@modestfashionlondon.com


here is a mood board that bubblegumhijab submitted for this projectstory board_by bubblegumhijab_01 story board_by bubblegumhijab_012 story board_by bubblegumhijab_013

Aatiya London behind the business

We really loved working on this project, Aatiya London is a creative entrepreneur it was important that the client focused on setting up the backbone of her business from design to manufacturing with very little time for social media our team of experts jumped right in.

Our inhouse graphic designers created the artwork for the initial social media post and our social media manager took over Aatiya London’s account to set high standards for Aatiya London instgram account, it was very important that their social media to be the same standard as their clothing.

Our graphic designers went for a simple look only showing snippets of the design so not too much of the products would show until the BIG launch

here are some e.g. of what we did for Aatiya London

IG-pic-02 IG-pic-06 IG-pic-11 IG-pic-13 IG-pic-20 IG-pic-22 IG-pic-31 IG-pic-33

closer to the launch date it was important for customers to see the collection so our inhouse graphic designers decided to go for a more creative approach, displaying the clothing and making sure the brand was visible

IG-pic-01 IG-pic-02 IG-pic-12

Our business associate Atiya PR put together these amazing videos for Aatiya London